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Press the “X” button on the game controller. Used your guide to format an external 250 GB drive to back up the PS3 before installing the new one, and restored all the information from it to the new drive. During hard disk formatting, the power button on the system front and the PS button on the wireless controller are not active. If you opt for a 5400rpm drive, another spec you should see listed alongside capacity, you'll get similar performance to the standard PS3 HDD. To make it simple, you are going to want to start with an external hard drive that is formatted correctly to ensure that your PS3 backup works the first time. This means that they're subject to the same maximum capacity limitation as FAT32 is. a video in a different format because it won’. My Iomega external HD was in NTFS and the Ps3 wouldn't recognize it (was using it to back it up) - so I partitioned it using Windows XP Disk Management Utility - partitioned one section of the HD to FAT32 with a space of 32gig. We need to format the hard drive to utilise the FAT32 file system. First, you have to do some formatting that's  Plug the hard drive into your computer. Click on OK to start formatting. By the way, my PS3 is running Rebug CFW. Then, click “Next” and “Finish” to start the operation. 2. 120GB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3. Here you should choose the second "FAT32". Do not select Enable file and folder compression. Related: ps3 slim hard drive ps3 console ps3 super slim hard drive ps3 external hard drive ps3 hard disk ps3 hard drive 1tb ps3 hard drive 500gb ps3 hard drive fat ps4 hard drive xbox 360 hard drive ps3 controller ps3 hard drive cover Step one: buying the HDD. Would just like to thank you again for this thread. 4. 1. Was just looking for a quick way of formatting an external hard drive to use with my PS3. You can pick one of these up from Newegg for around $20 and recycle your PS3's existing hard drive into a spiffy external hard drive. 5" SATA hard drives, but they take a specialized mounting bracket to install properly. Select the USB storage device to format and choose [Format as Extended Storage]. If it doesn’t have problem, you need to consider if it is a problem with the hard drive and not the PS3. PS3 has it backup tool that will not take much time or space, but it might get you out of trouble in the future. PS4 System  Sep 15, 2017 Even if your PlayStation 3 hard drive is straining to hold all those free PlayStation Plus titles, you can still plug in a FAT32-formatted external  Mar 6, 2010 Hey people, I was going to format my external hard drive to FAT32 so that I would be able to use it with the ps3, but I just found out that FAT32 Mar 9, 2017 Increase your Playstation 4 storage by up to 8TB with this guide to setting up Once formatted, the external hard drive will become the default  Feb 28, 2010 I finally had an external hard drive formatted for my PS3 and in trying to do it, I've discovered that there are a number of methods where either  Apr 21, 2008 I bought a playstation 3 this weekend (insert evil laugh) and got some trouble letting it play my Format your external hdd/flash drive to fat32 2. . You can play files such as MP3s and MP4s and view files such as JPGs and GIFs. Attach the drive to one of the front USB ports on the PS3 and connect the hard drive to power. No how many times, or what you use to format, the ps3 is still going to make you format. How do I reformat an external HDD to FAT32 for PS3? I want to back up my games and DLC and stuff on an external drive but it needs to be FAT32. Supports up to 2TB for Computer Internal Hard Disk, Windows External Hard Drive with a XBOX360 and Sony external Hard Drive with a PS3. A 320GB drive is on its way, but I need to get a few things ready first before I can use it such as backing up my stuff. For this reason, we would recommend using a USB thumb drive, instead of an external hard drive with your Xbox 360. For external hard drives, the only format that the PS3 accepts is FAT32. Not all Macs have USB ports. on your external HDD and click" Format Format the hard drive Windows. The perfect external HD for the PS3 is the fantastic 500Gb Seagate. But honestly, why would you need a drive that big at this point? I have a 500GB hard drive and I'm not even close to filling it. thats mean you have 6. A standalone 250 GB hard drive (CECH-ZHD1) is available to upgrade this model. Step 6: Click the Erase tab along the top of the window. On the Left pane select the drive you want to format (In your case the external drive) 3. I did that too before. Formatting PS3 external hard drive is pretty much the same as Formatting External Hard Drive for PS4. The Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) is commonly used to play video games, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs, but it can do much more. When I right click on the drive format is not an option, only new simple volume. Large files may take up to several minutes to transfer to your flash drive. To recover files from PS3 hard drive, you can have a try on the following tool. Click Erase. Open the Start menu. Open Disk Management. If you lose data on your PS3 hard drive unfortunately, don't worry! You still have the chance to get lost data back. Is this cfw compatable with a NTFS drive and what programming is best to convert all my folder games on my fat32 drive to iso format. Format External Hard Drive in FAT32 Using DOS 1) Open a command window by directly typing CDM in Windows 10 "Search the web and Windows" box. Right-click the hard drive's icon. Ive found out how to watch movies from a external HDD after a bit of  The Sony PS3 and the PS4 do not support NTFS at all. During the format process an encryption is layered over the HDD. Pull the locking latch on the cage to the left. Insert the drive's USB cable into one of the thin, rectangular slots in your computer's casing. You will need to deleted some games files from your PS3 XMB that might have more than 3318mb in the internal hard drive and try again. Click to expand try googling or try to find it on youtube. Make sure to share you add your external hard drive to the list of folders your server will make available to your PS3. The idea is, just any external hard drive doesn't work on your PS3. For me, I just needed a drive for my backup which my PS3 estimated to take up to 46GB. I just upgraded my PS3's internal HDD from the stock Seagate 60 GB to a WD 500 GB. Format Hard Drive to FAT32 without any Limitation. Step 2: choose the right file system to format in the next window, hit “Next”. One of the commonly unknown features is that the PS3 can play files off external devices such as a portable hard drive. 6. 0 drive into one of PS4 USB ports, navigate to Settings, Devices, USB Storage Devices, then select your new drive and Before going through the format process, you have to meet the following conditions in order for your external hard drive to become an extended storage: Only USB 3. Music if you want to listen to Plug your hard drive into your computer. 55 with cobra. on my external hard dive i created MUSIC, VIDEO AND PICTURE folder ON THE For external hard drives, the only format that the PS3 accepts is FAT32. Press the green triangle button on your controller or remote; then select "Display all. Navigate to the "Video" section of the XMB menu of your PS3. This is the main purpose Sony wants its users to use an external hard drive for. You can use an AC powered external hard I thought all you had to do was put the new drive into the PS3 and on first boot up it would be formatted to work with the system for you? I believe he is asking about an external HDD. 0/2. And you also probably have a PS3, Xbox 360 or Wii. From the XMB, go to Settings -> System Settings -> Backup Utility -> Back Up. The days of swapping games in and out of the meager 500 GB (Gigabyte May 30, 2017 Sadly, you just can't take any external hard drive, plug it into your PS3 console and expect it to work. How to format the HDD as extended storage. Attach an external hard drive with a USB cable. From what I can tell, the Super Slim will take regular 2. If you are using modded consoles like a Nintendo Wii or a PS3, you may need FAT32 format for your external hard drives. Once the install is complete, run the application and select the external hard drive you need to partition. Remember, unlike with PS4 where you can format your drive in FAT32 or exFAT when formatting drive for PS3 you only can choose FAT32. Turn on the drive and the PS3. so i had someone from another state mod my ps3 for me and ship it back. Connect your formatted hard drive to the Playstation 3 through a USB port and power the console up. Step 9: Click the Erase button. ". Turn on your PS3. i did format the hard drive. It will beep immediately and then beep two more times. When you upgrade the hard drive on a PS3, you are actually getting rid of the old drive. WD External Drives. This is a simple tutorial showing you how to do that! *Links For the Video* Disconnect your external hard drive from your computer properly. I'm running Habib 4. To back up your records, start by backing up the current hard drive. Works on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8. Wait a few minutes for the PS3 to format the HDD and reboot. Yes I am using NTFS on external hard drive running in WebMAN MOD and make sure cobra is enable to do that. Free FAT32 Formatter Alternative. My HDD my passport wont connect to my PS3. Install a copy of PS3 Media Server on your laptop. Jul 16, 2017 the right way to format an external hard drive for PS4 Since the first release of You have to sync them with PlayStation™Network. Select the 'Backup Utility' function to create a backup of your data - this can take up to 2 hours if you have a lot of data on the PS3. You're a little better off with a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360, where games will usually be under the 10GB mark, but the hard drives on those consoles were also smaller, so it's still a problem. Play media from external hard drive on PS3. 3. The external hard drive capacity should be between 250gb minimum to 8tb maximum. Attach the external hard drive to the computer via a USB port. Turn your PlayStation 3 game system on using your PS3 wireless controller, and wait for the main menu to load. Step 1: connect the PS3 hard drive with your computer, install and launch the Partition Assistant. 5mm. Western Digital cannot assist in acquiring or using third-party software to format a drive as FAT32. Since you can keep music and movies on the consoles as well, Tried to format a 500gb HDD to FAT32 using DOS in Windows 7, after 4 hours it reached 100% then said it could not format the drive as it was too big. Using an External PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade. Trying to format my external hard drive from NTFS to FAT32 so I can make it compatible with my PS3, any help would be great, thanks. 0 out of 5 stars 545 $37. Is NTFS better than fat32 external hard drives. You just need to know how to format external hard drive for PS4. Thats why you can't put your hard drive in another PS3 and use it without formatting. At File System, you select FAT32. The maximum thickness of a PS3 drive is 9. It has a sleek black outer casing, and a super fast 7200 rpm drive for quick file access. Connect your external hard disk to one of the two USB ports located at the front of your PlayStation 3. Its not that the ps3 will not accept anything bigger, its because the fat32 hdd cant carry anything bigger than 4gb. I will explain. 1/10 and Latest Windows 10 Both 32 & 64 bit. So I tend to be good at listening to my intuition. i have webman, multiman, rebug 4. You will need an external HDD, connected via USB (see the External HDD . Ahh, yes. Turn off the PS3 after the Home menu appears. Right-click on your external hard drive and choose Format. 0 for PC, Mac, Laptop, PS4, Xbox one and Smart TV – Gold July 6, 2019 - Comment Plug-and-Play High-Speed Connectivity Plug-and-play functionality on your PC without the need of an external power supply. How to format a 4TB drive as FAT32? - posted in Backup, Imaging, and Disk Management Software: I have a 4TB GPT external USB hard drive that I need to format as FAT32. 0 Backup for PC, Mac, Laptop, PS4, Xbox one, Chromebook(Charcoal Grey) 4. hi ! i need help how to install external HDD to my ps3!!! i bought a WESTERN digital 750GB. How to Add an External Hard Drive to a PlayStation 3 - Formatting the Hard Drive on Windows Plug the hard drive into your computer. Of course, if you have a backup already, ignore this step. Highlight the external hard drive, which will be displayed as a "USB Device. Step 7: From the Volume Format menu, choose Mac OS Extended. Your HD volume will now be formatted to FAT32. Launch EaseUS Partition Master Free. 65. Besides, you can format an external hard drive for Mac and Windows by converting HFS+ to FAT32 or exFAT without losing any data. A mini window pops out, on which you can edit the partition label and choose a file system. Navigate the XMB to the 'Settings' menu and select 'System Settings'. But the ordinary reason should be the file system: you need to make sure that the external hard drive is in MBR and FAT32 is the first partition (actually, the PS3 cannot detect the hard drive which is half FTFS and half FAT32, too). and that is why you cant get files larger than 4gb into any fat32 formated hdd. If you’re here reading Gizmodo, there’s a good chance you have a hard drive full of video somewhere. Press and hold the power button. After you prepare a removable drive formatted with FAT32, then you can connect it to your PS3 to get started: 1. Formatting an external hard drive for the PS3. Until Sony decides to release a new firmware update to enable more aspects of external hard drive use on PS4, an external hard drive currently can be used on PS4 for two purposes only: Backup and Restore PS4 internally-stored data. Step 1: Backup Data in HFS+ Partition on Mac. (Yes, I know there are 2TB Portable External Hard Drive – Maxone Ultra Slim Portable HDD USB 3. Connect the external hard drive to an available USB port on your PS3. There is no possible way yet to recover data from a ps3 formatted hard drive. It will work. The PS3 uses a proprietary file format for its internal HDD, which cannot be read by PCs. Plug in the dongle. Click This PC. Your PS3 will find your media server and you can playback or copy over PS3 compatible files. You have 80gb PS3 PHAT which is not enough for many games. 2) Type the command "format /FS:FAT32 H:" at the prompt. You can get a cheap 160GB for this purpose for less than forty bucks on Newegg if you want, or grab a 160GB external for $70 bucks (at the time of this article). If you're using an iMac, you may find the USB ports on the side of your keyboard or on the back of the iMac's screen. I think it gets harder as you get more busy. Run Diskpart as administrator by pressing "Windows + R" keys at the same time and typing "diskpart" and pressing "Enter". I have an old WD hard drive that I want to format. Release the power button and hold it again. • Go on to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Manager > • If the system type is in fact FAT32, simply right-click on the drive and select the format option. 5 playstation 3/playstation 4 hard drive (ps3 fat, ps3 slim, ps3 super slim, ps4) Free FAT32 Formatter Alternative. So it sounds like it didn't come with a hard drive. Firstly you need to check there is no game disk in the ps3 and remove all attached usb devices from the ps3. Close the Formatting external hard drive. In this video tutorial you'll find out just how to do that, by formatting an external hard drive for a PS3 using Windows Vista. Using an external hard drive to store games and apps on a PS4 Seagate’s product lab team has been testing the new feature during the beta phase and it’s been working great! Set up is simple — just plug your external USB 3. There's always a need for extra memory. Now NTFS works fine with computers and is the standard file system, but for some reasons, developers decided that the PS4 won't support this file system. Upgrade to a 7200rpm hard drive or a more expensive 2. More memory means being able to play more games and download more movies or music without worrying about space. Aug 26, 2010 It's possible to partition and format your external computer hard drive into and FAT32 in order to make it compatible with your Xbox 360 or PS3. Also there is no drive letter. New internal hard drive in Playstation 3 but it will not format? Ok I had a PM a day or so ago from a guy new to Driver Heaven who asked me if I knew why his Playstation 3 would not accept a new internal SATA harddrive (text shows up with (no media found, hit start and select to search - this just loops). On the right Select either the Erase or the Partition tab if you want to partition your drive. Guide to running ps3 games from external hard drive. hope this help. When installing the new PS3 hard drive, simply work your way back and restore the data or games which you have backed up. When considering using an external hard drive for PS4, the most significant problem with FAT32 is the maximum file size it allows. he also loaded a 1tb hard drive i shipped to him with as many of my backups as he could fit on it. Simply put, your PS4 isn't recognizing the file system of your drive, which is most probably NTFS. Select the “Yes” button on the screen using the game controller. Formatted properly so the PS3 can read it (See External HDD section below)  It's necessary to format your USB for PS3 in order to use it. I used a dongle using ps groove. 5" SATA drive, but my PS3 doesn't recognize the external hard drive. Run PS3MS while both your PC and PS3 are on the same network. Kinda late for the party, got a PS3 today. Alongside some tweaks for PSVR and PS4 Pro users comes the long awaited introduction of external hard drive support. Next up we need to format your drive so that the PS3 will recognise it. have "FAT32" listed, you must format your hard drive for PS3  Posted by @Bryce. Follow the instructions to backup your existing HDD data to the external drive. Click Properties. The ISO are better than PS3 folders. On the top select the following settings: (Partition Type: Primary), (File System: FAT32), and (Volume Label: ). Have it plugged into USB port, shows up in disk manager, but not in this pc. This drive is 15mm. macOS. In the Volume Format section select *MS-DOS (FAT)* 5. Navigate to Settings > System Settings > Backup Utility>Back Up. 49 $ 37 . Sony released a PlayStation 4 firmware update today. PS3 recognises only FAT32 drives, but if you are using Windows XP and try to format a drive larger than 32GB in FAT32 you will find it almost impossible. All you need to do is format it properly. Insert the cage back into the hard drive compartment. If that is the case, then it has to be formatted to FAT32, and there are several programs that can do that. However, if your external hard drive size is over 32 GB, you will need to use a third-party program to format it to Fat32. 50 So after reading tons of guides online, I was under impression I can run games directly from external hard drive, without transfering them to internal. Yes, Microsoft makes megabucks off of their overpriced drive. I'm wanting to use a NTFS 1TB seagate external hard drive instead of fat32 external HDD. • We're How to Add an External Hard Disk to Your Xbox, PS3, or PS4. Before you backup PS3 or PS4 hard drive. the 4gb limit is a flaw of the fat32 format not somin sony or any other company made up. Then at the bottom, select "Create" and you're done. Click on Erase. Copy any data from your computer that you want to transfer to your PlayStation 3 onto the flash memory drive. 5 Inch Ultra Slim HDD USB 3. Step 5: Click the icon for your external hard drive in the sidebar on the left. If not, PS3 or PS4 cannot recognize the new size of the new hard drive, and the free space remains the same as the old hard drive. Open Disk Utility. 49 Method 1. Settings that are saved on the hard disk, such as bookmarks under (Internet Browser), will be deleted. 0 for PC Laptop and Mac, 2 Months Adobe CC Photography (STDR4000100) Sony Playstation 3 PS3 320GB Hard Drive Kit Inc Mounting Bracket Caddy Cradle Super Slim with HDD - Include Mounting Bracket and Hard Drive - Exclusive from Bipra Limited with 1 Year Warranty (320GB) 4. So no. The Xbox 360 will work with external storage of up to 32GB, in the FAT32 file system. Reconnect the power supply. On a Windows/OS X/Linux machine, format an external USB hard drive (with enough space available to backup your current hard content) into the FAT32 file  Apr 22, 2013 Trying to format a large external USB or Firewire hard drive to the FAT32 file system? Can't do it? Only see an option for formatting the drive  All USB storage devices, also known as flash drives or USB drives, work with the PlayStation 3, or PS3. In the main menu, you go to: Video if you want to watch a video or movie. Easy. Step 5. Choose “Yes” to confirm. However, not every USB drive will work straight out of the  Jun 28, 2008 1: plug in a FAT32 formatted USB hard drive and use the PS3 built in system backup to copy all your saved game data etc to external HD  Sep 1, 2011 No, it has to be formatted as FAT32 or the PS3 won't be able to see . x connectivity is accepted. As you get older, your life t. The PS3 absolutely will work with 1TB drives, so the most likely reason why it doesn't recognise yours is that it's not formatted as FAT32. I want to use my new 500GB Western Digital hard drive to back up my PS3 so that I can install a new 2. If you want to write to NTFS formatted hard drives in Mac OS X, you're going to need the help of a  Formatting FAT32 partition on 500GB HDD bootable version of some flavour of linux, and formatting the drive with that `mkfs -t vfat /dev/hda1'. 2. Format external hard drive to exFAT for PS4 on PC 1. 0 - Black from Amazon, and it’s just How to add an External USB hard drive to the PS3 by PS3Boy · March 16, 2008 If you have amassed plenty of videos, music and pictures on your computer over the years then why not stick it all on an external hard drive and hook it up to your PS3. I’ve got the WD Elements 1TB Portable Hard Drive USB 3. How to Use an External Hard Drive with PS3 • Connect the hard drive to your computer. 75gb and your other 3318mb is already fully. System software is not deleted when the hard disk is formatted. This is why psplus online backups are crucial if you don't want to lose game saves and other ps3 related content. Choose the PS3 USB drive and right click it, then select "Format partition". This article demonstrates you how to format external hard drive for PS4/PS3 in Windows 10/8/7 simply and quickly. I have 120gb PS3 SLIM. Select your external hard drive. Remove the power cable from the ps3. In the next screen, you can see your removable drive. The data is encrypted in a way that only the ps3 that formatted it can read the data. Format External Hard Drive To FAT32 The perfect external HD for the PS3 is the fantastic 500Gb Seagate. 5. For standard formatting settings, that's 2TB. Backing up your PS3 hard drive is the best way to prevent losing your PS3 games, and it is very helpful if you want to upgrade your hard drive of PS3. How I did it is get an 8tb WD external (I couldn't get it working with a new seagate external) and then use the WD formatting utility and format it with XP compatible selected (this makes the hdd natively 4k sectors which fat32 can go up to 16tb as opposed to 2tb with 512b sectors). To access the hard drive utility: With the blank drive in the PS3, it will complain that the correct drive has not been found. I finally had an external hard drive formatted for my PS3 and in trying to do it, I’ve discovered that there are a number of methods where either not enough information was provided or it simply seemed too convoluted to follow. but i now have a 3tb hard drive i would like to put How to format a WD external hard drive in FAT32 (to use in Windows or Mac OSX) “As Windows is unable to format a drive over 32 GB in FAT32, the use of third-party software is required. 5 inch Internal Hard Drive WD5000LUCT PS3 PS4 LAPTOP 1 YEAR WARRANTY FAST SAME DAY DISPATCH No 1 A standalone 250 GB hard drive (CECH-ZHD1) is available to upgrade this model. Step 3: preview the pending operations, click “Apply” to start format the PS3 hard drive. Type the commands as follows and every command shall be followed by hitting "Enter" key. The purposes of using an external hard drive on PS4. In your situation you will still need to format the drive using your PS3. Thanks for any help. 0 For MAC Laptop Desktop TV PS3/4 BLUE See more like this WD 500GB SATA 6Gbs 16MB 2. Go to [Settings] > [Devices] > [USB Storage Devices]. February 19, 2019. so i didnt do any of this work myself at all but i have a fully modded and operable ps3 with plenty of games accesible and playable. Step 8: Enter a name for the external hard drive in the Name field. Instead, for this purpose, you need to use only those, which are formatted using the FAT32  Connect the external hard drive to an available USB port on your PS3. right click the PS3 hard drive and select “Format Partition”. Product - western digital 500gb 2. Look at the "File System" value. Fat model, 80 GB, CECHL04, Rogero 4. Can I take out the PS3's internal HDD, connect it to my PC, and move data on and off the drive? No. Windows 10 will show you the best match Command Prompt. Do not select Perform a quick format. "Using Third-Party Software (For newer (made after 2007) external hard drives) As Windows is unable to format a drive over 32 GB in FAT32, the use of third-party software is required. From the XMB home menu, navigate to one of the media types that you loaded on the drive, such as video. Align partition to optimize for SSD: if the destination disk is an SSD, you can tick this option for peak performance. Individual files on a FAT32 drive can’t be over 4GB in size — that’s the maximum! That means if you have a single game file which size is larger than 4GB, it cannot, by any means, be saved on a drive that’s formatted with FAT32, whether it’s an external or internal drive. Just transfer all useful files out from the external hard drive to other devices on Mac. 6 out of 5 stars 13 In the Format Partition window, choose the exFAT file system. Type "this pc" into Start. A message will pop up telling you to format your new drive, just follow the  Jan 19, 2015 Note that on all of these systems the formatting process will take considerable time (possibly hours) depending on the size of the hard drive. 5-inch SSD, though, and you'll see significantly improvements to load times. Switch on the ps3 using the power button on the ps3, Format a Toshiba 1TB External Hard Drive - posted in External Hardware: My son needs to format his new External hard drive for his Ps3. Product - Seagate Backup Plus Portable 4TB External Hard Drive HDD – Black USB 3. The Ps3 then recognized the 32gig portion of the external HD and then I backed up the system. It is NTFS and needs to be Fat 32. 500GB Portable External Hard Drive - 2. It was a long time coming but you can finally connect an external hard disc drive (HDD) to your PlayStation 4 (PS4) or PS4 Pro. Here’s how to set it up. Given that, we How do you use a USB external hard drive on your PlayStation 3 or PS3? To play  How to Make Your PS3 Compatible With Your External Hard Drive But the PS3 can't read NTFS, and needs its external media to be formatted with FAT or  Feb 13, 2017 You can use external hard drive or upgrade the hard disk drive of XBox 360, Formatting a drive is an irreversible step and it can take hours,  Play movies and music from external hard drive on PlayStation 3 If the file system is NTFS, then you will need to format the hard drive to FAT32. How to Reformat in Windows If it doesn’t have problem, you need to consider if it is a problem with the hard drive and not the PS3. I read that the PS3 cannot recognize storage devices formatted as NTFS, so I reformatted it to exFAT (the only other format choice Windows Vista gave me). I spent about $90 bucks altogether and ended up with four times the hard drive space and a new external drive. This means that any game saves or other files on the old drive will be lost unless you back up your records first. PS2 is an older mouse and keyboard connector format that is slowly being phased out  Upgrade Your PS3's Hard Drive: I'll go over the steps involved in replacing the If, however, you're like me and don't have an external hard drive, you have to take a . format external hard drive for ps3

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